Crowdsourcing project for my debut-cd: Journeyers

Last October I recorded my debut CD with Rubicon Classics, together with Rosanne Philippens, violin and Julien Brocal, piano. The recording took place in Jardin Musical, Brussels, by sound engineer Etienne Collard. It will be presented in the Amsterdam Amstelkerk on 29th of April 2020. I would be very grateful for your sponsoring!

Teaser music:  beginning of ‘Lever du Jour’


Below: Habanera from Rhapsodie Espagnole (fragment from a concert with 24 classics)

Inspired by birds and folk music

The cd contains the Kodály solo sonata, the Ravel duo and a Suite for cello and piano (my own arrangements with parts from Daphnis and Chloe and the Rhapsodie Espagnole). And our version of the Roumanian folk song Ciocarlia (Enescu) combined with Schumann’s Prophet Bird, full of bird sounds and gypsy-inspired improvisations.


Both Ravel and Kodály use plenty of folkloristic elements – yet completely differently, each in their own musical language.
The Kodály sonata is like an enthralling train-journey through Hungary, along varied landscapes and age-old villages, full of authentic folk music and traditional gypsy sounds. 

Why this cd?

The idea for this CD came up when I started playing gypsy music with the Romanian cymbalon player Vasile Nedea (see 24 chambers video above). This inspired me to improvise, to go beyond the limits of a style and the possibilities of the instrument.
I’m grateful to my amazing music friends Julien and Rosanne, who helped me realize this project.

Lidy Blijdorp
Your donation

All donations are used for recording, mixing, mastering and designing the album. Thanks to Sena, who sponsored part of this project, I could make a start.


Payments are handled by Task Allegra, a charity that has a cultural ANBI status. Therefore your gift is tax-deductible for 125% in The Netherlands.

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Crowdfunding target
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