Festival Klassiek achter de Duinen: opening concert


Friday, 3 Sep 2021     
20:00 - 21:20


Berkenbosch Blokstraat 9, Den Haag

Event Type

The Opening Concert.
This program was originally intended as the festive start of the new series Classical Music behind the Dunes in 2020. Now it is the kick-off of the Uncancelled Festival, a festival that is all about the party that is allowed again: breathing in fresh chamber music in the Lourdes Church!

Lidy, Pieter and Tobias first of all present three contemporary solo works: Kate Moore’s stirring Tarantella, played by Lidy Blijdorp, Oneness, which composer Celia Swart wrote especially for Pieter van Loenen in the past corona year, and the Sonata by Coen Schenk, which will have its world premiere on 3 September, played by Tobias. Extra special is that all three composers still live or have studied in The Hague.

​There is an end to everything. This saying was meant to be comforting in Corona time. Nevertheless, we hope to elicit a feeling of infinity in you with this concert. Because good music makes you hope it never ends. With the first Piano Trio by Franz Schubert we have a sublime work, which – in duration – is close to ‘heavenly’, as Robert Schumann once put it.