Leeuwarden: Solo Recital Cancelled

Leeuwarden: Solo Recital Cancelled


Saturday, 4 Dec 2021     
20:00 - 21:30


De Harmonie
Ruiterskwartier 4, Leeuwarden, 8911 BP

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Please visit the website of De Harmonie for more information and tickets.

What does a cello sound like? If you listen to Lidy Blijdorp, the answer is not that simple. She lets her cello sing, converse, cry, growl and the instrument elicits an endless spectrum of sounds and colors. Listening to Kodály’s Sonata for Solo Cello, you discover percussion, a cymbal, a hoarse flute… Lidy Blijdorp takes you to a hidden world – like a dream that slips away when you wake up while the feeling still lingers. By conjuring up a palette of colors and atmospheres, she opens doors to a dream world. The program includes works by Bach, Vasks, Moore and Kodály.

Bach’s sixth suite was composed for a five-string cello. This makes it richer and fuller than the other suites – and you can hear the same effect on four strings: the richness of harmonies, the full sound, the energy. All feelings pass by: triumph, contentment, festivity, homesickness, sorrow…

In the Baltic States, people formed a human chain by standing hand in hand along the coast, 600 kilometers long, in a cry for liberation from the harsh Soviet regime. Vasks’ Pianissimo makes you stop and think about the suffering of a nation.

Folk music and nature are Kate Moore’s greatest sources of inspiration. In addition to the exciting Italian Tarantella, Lidy plays Lidy’s piece by this Australian composer; composed especially for her.

After the break Kodály will be played, the work that Lidy has recorded for her new CD. It will be an exciting train journey through Hungary, past various landscapes and ancient villages, full of authentic folk music and traditional gypsy sounds. Kodály uses all playing techniques in this piece and the listener will hear all kinds of other instruments in addition to cello sounds, such as flute, percussion and cymbal – and don’t you hear the hoarse honking of a train signal?