Oranjewoud Festival: Atlas Ensemble

Oranjewoud Festival: Atlas Ensemble


Monday, 29 May 2023     
15:30 - 16:30


Oranjewoud Estate
Salon Podium, Heerenveen

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In Bons’s new work there is no star soloist, but all the musicians are protagonists and equals: they enter into dialogue with each other. The focus is on their interaction and the unprecedented total and mixture sounds that can be realized with this combination. I now hope to be able to realize something I could only dream of before.


  • Joël Bons – Green Dragon (2012)
  • Interludes for pipa, tar, ud, qanun, cimbalom, zheng, erhu’s, kamancha, kemençe, sarangi and other instruments
  • Bons – New work for stringed instruments (premiere)Players Atlas EnsembleFu Xixu, pipa
    Elcin Nagijev, tar
    Yasamin Shahhoseini, ud
    Bassem Alkouri, qanun
    Dani Luca, cimbalom
    Li Liangzi, zheng
    Yan Jiemin, erhu
    Peng Cheng, erhu
    Elshan Mansurov, kamancha
    Angel Gimeno, violin
    Neva Özgen, kemençe
    Ásdís Valdimarsdóttir, viola
    Yuji Nakagawa, sarangi
    Lidy Blijdorp, cello
    Dario Calderone, double bass