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BBC Magazine

'An illuminating pairing of composers as Dutch cellist Blijdorp and various duet players play a selection of their chamber works. Commendable virtuoso playing in the solo parts.'

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Review Pizzicato

Blijdorp’s strength lies in her warm and tonally generous sound, which elicits immense depth and resonance from the works, while always clearly and analytically emphasizing the structure of the works.

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Review CD

'In the Habanera, Blijdorp pushes the limits of musical excitement' .... Kodály: 'She knows how to evoke a deep sense of loneliness and despair'

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Review De Volkskrant

‘Play Lidy Blijdorp's debut album and be perplexed’. ‘The world behind the notes, you had to rub it out of Aladin’s lamp. Blijdorp succeeds with flying colors for that tour de force.’ ‘From a hazy dream to a fierce attack: Blijdorp can do anything.’

el mundo

Recital with Maria Joao Pires

'La holandesa estuvo convincente en la inicial 'Sonata para violonchelo nº. 3', confiada en la tupida red de seguridad que tejen las diminutas manos de la pianista lisboeta.'

Lidy Blijdorp, cellist
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Interview about debut cd

'Takes you to a colourful land of dreams.'

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With Leine Roebana:

'A beautiful climax among the various moving and playful moments is the solo by cellist Lidy Blijdorp'

St Petersburg newspaper

Interview St-Petersburg

'The manner of her playing shows respect for the tradition and at the same time is a special blend of emotional power and quivering finesse.' (English translation included)

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Cultuurpers: 'Legendary cello'

'Play it like a bear wearing socks'

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Interview by Het Parool

An interview about Lidy Blijdorp's studies at the Paris Conservatory, her concert at the Juilliard School of Music and her future plans.

Paris newspaper

Bouffes du Nord, Paris

'...magistrale, toute en rythme et en lumière : vive, clinquante et colorée sur un violoncelle fulgurant de charme et de finesse'

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Interview ND

'The Lidy with cello is a storyteller, she relentlessly drags you through compelling musical stories. The Lidy without cello is always like searching for words, hesitating, then suddenly certain again, ...'

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Cello020: Debussy

'The subtle softness of Debussy's sound colourings reveals a miraculous power in short staccato notes and firm twists. The music with its many shades flourishes between these two musicians' (Lidy Blijdorp and Julien Brocal).


It is so beautifully, so sincerely, real music …

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Poem: Masterclass I

'...she breaks sound with music ... and creates extreme joy.'